Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to the New Mount Peace Baptist Church Blog. Many people new to a blog often ask “what is a blog?” 

Well here we go! ‘A blog is a website in which information important to a group is posted. The term Blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. You get it!  A blog comprises text, very often images and sometimes video and audio and other files that keep a community updated.  Very often Blogs use a more conversational style. Often blogs focus on a particular “area of interest”, such as church or association activities.

“So Why Do We Need a Blog Anyway?” The answer exist in understanding the basic difference between a blog and a website.

Websites are essential because they give extensive and comprehensive information about an organization. It gives the complete information about an organization and it defines for the viewer what that organization is, what it provides the public with, and it also speaks to the character of the group. A Website gives the viewer stationary (fixed in place) information that he or she can access anytime.

On the other hand, in a Blog the information can change quickly as we continually update the church with the Pastor Terry’s latest incite into scripture and all manner of  activities, graduations, marriages, youth activities and all things related to the ongoing activities of our ministries.

We may even use our blog to share healthy living recipes. So our blog will be used to share with our members and the community up to the minute information about Mount Peace. In geek terms we call this “Real Time” updating.

Most important, we will be using this blog to speak to our Mission as a church. We will also inform our viewing public of the activities we support.

When we at Mount Peace have an event, we will blog about it.  We will sharing anniversaries, graduations, the Pastors speaking engagements, special events and we may even share a few great healthy eating cooking recipes. I think you get it. So come back often.

Thanks You for visiting our New Mount Peace Blog. Please come back soon, as we have many areas of concern and importance that we would like to share with you.

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